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Liz Davies

Psychic, Tarot Reader, Teacher

Readings available in-person and via phone or Zoom

Located in Carlton North, VIC

Relationships   /   Love  /   Marriage  /   Career  /   Family

Life Path   /  Psychic Development

  • for a greater understanding of the forces in and around you

  • finding answers to your questions
  • building your sense of empowerment

  • revealing new perspectives

  • helping you move forward in a positive way

I can help you

Psychic in Carlton North

Psychic since childhood, I have always felt the strong pull of spirit and a desire to lift and encourage those around me. 

Using my psychic ability and tools such as Tarot and Numerology, I am able to dive into concerns and issues which are of interest to my clients. Offering insights and clarity, I've found that unseen blockages are often revealed when we look at life events with a fresh perspective.  I tap into your energy and the influences around you which help or hinder your growth.  With wisdom from Spirit around you, I bring forward answers to your questions, a greater understanding of the forces around you and strengthen your sense of empowerment.

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I have known Liz for years, and have had many readings from her.  I've found her to be truly talented, insightful and wholeheartedly dedicated to her craft.  

Samantha H.

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