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Tarot, Numerology, Teaching

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I am a Professional Member of the Tarot Guild of Australia, Inc.


Cost: $100 (1-hour reading) - In person and on Zoom

The future is not 100% set in stone.  The choices we make every day and the way we act on those choices directly influence what will happen.  Even so, by gaining insight into the past and present events, we are able to discern where the currents in our lives are heading, and what future outcomes can be expected.  Once we fully understand the situation, we can make informed choices, eliminate blockage and embrace opportunity.


The 78 cards of the Tarot reflect and clarify what is happening in our lives, often in a way that gives us a much-needed fresh perspective.  During your reading, I will ask you to focus on your question or the aspect of life you wish to explore as you randomly draw cards from the deck.  I then use the Tarot, Numerology, my psychic ability and guidance from Spirit to highlight patterns affecting your life, resources you've overlooked, and what the likely outcomes are.  The result for you can be affirmation that you are on the right path - or that some adjustment is needed to bring you closer to your goal.

Getting the Most from Your Reading:

I recommend you prepare in advance for your reading by thinking through what questions you want answered and which areas of life you wish to explore, and writing a list of questions and topic areas.  Other questions will occur to you during the reading - and, of course, that's fine.  But having a list you can refer to ensures nothing is accidentally omitted.

Laptop and Notebook


Cost: $35 - 
Numerology reports are delivered via your choice of either post (Australia Only) or email.

The numbers in your birth date reveal your strengths, weaknesses, lessons to be learned in this life, obstacles and positive influences you will feel and will want to make the most of.  Your name has numeric values associated with it which reveal your personality, inner and outer focus, urges you may not even be aware of, and forces which influence your outlook, career, relationships, and outlook on life.  A Numerology reading is a voyage of self-discovery.

Getting the Most from Your Reading:

No preparation on your part is necessary.  All that is needed are your birth date and your full name is it appears on your original birth certificate.

Groups and Workshops
Yellow Fire Lanterns

Groups and Mentoring

I offer individual tutoring in Tarot reading and psychic development.

Teaching has always been a passion of mine.  I love sharing what I have learned with others and then watching them take flight - often soaring well above where I have been.  It's a glorious feeling.  And those I've taught take my heart with them as they soar.

I understand adult learners are not children.  As adults, we are not blank slates, but come with much understanding and wisdom already in place.  My teaching style, therefore, is to tap into what you already know, to respect that you also have knowledge to offer, and to establish a learning environment which is safe, supportive, respectful and just a little bit "frisky".  You will not sit in my teaching environment and find yourself being lectured at.  Nobody learns much about driving a car by watching others do it; you have to drive the car!  And so my groups and workshops have some "theory" - but are mostly focused on participation and learning by doing.  And, of course, we laugh a lot as we go.


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