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What Liz's clients and students are saying about her:

Healing, considered, holistic approach, intelligent reading of cards.  Sees a broad picture, her readings come from a generous heart.

Julie B. 

Liz is an outstanding teacher with a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and a beautiful, down-to-earth caring personality. Liz makes all of her students feel special, comfortable and therefore learning is an informative, pleasurable and fun experience.  Using her vast range of modalities, Liz is an enthusiastic, encouraging and innovative person who is passionate and selfless in her pursuit to serve spirit.  Liz is a talented and giving soul who I admire and highly recommend both on a personal and professional level.

Suzanne H. 

I have known Liz for years, and have had many readings from her.  I've found her to be truly talented, insightful and wholeheartedly dedicated to her craft.  

Samantha H.

I am a student of Liz Davies, and I am thrilled to recommend her.  Her warm personality, wisdom, intuition and gifts are amazing.  Liz is a gifted teacher and imparts her knowledge generously.  I am happy to say that I would recommend Liz to anyone interested in their spiritual development.

Breed B.

In 2018, I had the pleasure of meeting Liz in a Psychic Development group. Liz openly shared her experiences and knowledge, opening my eyes to many aspects of the psychic world. Liz created a loving and safe space to explore and enhance my intuitive skills and perceptions. She showed me how to recognise and strengthen my intuition and acknowledge messages from the spirit world along with my guides. I am excited about working further with Liz to develop my skills and knowledge and would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to discover their own spiritual path.

Brian C.

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